I believe my last post ended with me sitting on a bus on the way to Leipzig. Well, we made it to Leipzig and into the apartments. We got the internet set up and sat around on our computers catching up with the virtual world. I only spent about 40 hours away from the internet, but I had a bajillion emails and 5,000 facebook notifications. I think people are too connected with each other and should just chill out. Oh well, I then unpacked and went to bed.

We got up the next morning and had a meeting with each other and our professors. We were then informed that we would be making a trip to the center of the city in order to meet those people who had prepared a welcome for us. Apparently some agency for intercultural interactions decided that we needed friends while in Leipzig, so they provided five college students, who attend school in Leipzig, to be our friends. It was actually really cool and we talked for several hours. After we left we came back to the apartments and everyone went to go eat except me.  I decided to stay home and feel lonely and I also typed the first blog entry.

We woke up the next morning, Saturday, and once more met up with our new German friends. Ron Morgan, one of the professors, went with us, and when we met up with the Germans, abandoned us. We walked around the city and basically had an informal tour. We saw Thomas Kirche (St. Thomas Church) where Bach was the Cantor for several years. Apparently the musical hub back in the day was in near by Dresden, but the merchant class in Leipzig wanted to legitify (probably not a word) itself, so they invited Bach from Dresden and paid him oodles of money. We also saw Nickolas Kirche (St. Nicholas Church) which was a rallying point for anti-communist sentiment in 1989 just before the wall fell. Another cool place we went was a basement that was Goethe’s inspiration for a scene from Faust. I can understand why, it was extremely creepy. The town itself is absolutely beautiful. I, unfortunately, forgot my camera on Saturday, and so i don’t have any pictures of the town. But, I will take pictures either tomorrow or Wednesday and will be sure to put them up.

After sightseeing with our German compatriots we went and got dinner with them. I had some sort of yummy potato pasta cheese yumz called gnoikii gorgonzolla. It was super yummy. We then managed to catch the tram by ourselves back to the apartments where, once again, everyone but me went out. This time, though, it was because I was on Skype with my mama. Sunday morning I went to Church with Ron and Janine and some others. We went to Leipzig English Church, which is an evangelical Anglican Church in Leipzig. It was pretty chill contemporary style with music and preaching, but then they started the liturgy of the Eucharist. I didn’t know the Anglican liturgy, but I do know the Catholic one, and so I was able to follow along well. When it was time to receive communion, we went forward by sections and the Priest gave us the bread one by one with the words “Remember the Body of Christ.” The Deacon went around with the wine and gave us each a sip with the words “Remember the Blood of Christ.” I really really enjoyed the service.

I spent the rest of Sunday playing Zelda and taking a nap, and then I went with Janine to the home of local missionaries. I’m not real sure why there are missionaries in Germany (there are plenty of churches, let them do the evangelizing or assist them in doing the evangelizing), but they were nice enough. We had dinner and then I came back to the apartment. We all hung out in the apartment last night and played Mario, and then we went to bed.

Well, that’s the weekend. I’m probably going to update twice a week, but I’m not ruling out reducing that to once a week. I’m also probably going to stop giving a play by play of my life and just hit the highlights. I will also provide pictures soon.

Much love,