I often say I am going to do something long before I actually do it. Last September I said that I would like my blog to be a place where I actually explore my thoughts rather than a place where I post the occasional poem or essay. Two reasons:

  1. As I near the end of my undergraduate career and pursue graduate studies I need to be in the rhythm of regularly forming and writing my thoughts. I need to be consistently engaged.
  2. I am currently subscribed to 24 blogs which I read on a regular basis. I frequently retweet or share on Facebook those entries which stimulate my own thought, but I rarely, if ever, contribute to the conversation. I think it is time I start contributing.

It’s not that I don’t like writing. I do. I am an English major interested in pursuing a doctoral degree in Composition and Rhetoric. Written texts are my lifeblood, but I have never consistently produced content, and when I do produce content it is almost always academic. I think academic work is important, but I have so much more to say on so many other topics than my narrow academic interests.

Of course, the question now is why I have chosen this moment to begin this process. I suppose there are three answers.

  1. It is the summer. I have time to write. Well, I have more time than I would if I were in classes. I am working full time for First Colony Church of Christ as an intern with their Children’s Ministry. I am also attempting to finish my Honors Thesis this summer. Additionally, I am beginning the process of applying to graduate school as well as studying for the GRE. Ok, that sounds like a lot. It is, but not as much as a semester worth of classes and work.
  2. Over the course of the last year, I have become a consumer of blogs. It started out with my friends’ blogs, but it has mushroomed into blogs by theologians, pastors, scholars, and writers I highly respect and admire. Reading these blogs on a daily basis has impressed me with the discipline and persistence it takes to produce good content regularly. I want to be them when I grow up! (sort of)
  3. I have made a journey in the last 5 years. I have gone from living like a son of Hell but knowing all the right answers to living transformed life (by the power of Christ) and having few answers but lots of questions. When I knew all the answers I got to tell everyone what they were. Now that I am left mostly with questions (and a few overwhelming and life changing truths) I get to ask and probe questions with other people in organic community. I want to extend the conversations I have with people in real life to a permanent space, hence the blog.

I intend to post at least every Sunday. I may also have, throughout the week, responses to various blog posts by other people. I may increase the frequency of my posting as time goes on, but this is my starting goal.