It was an interesting medley yesterday morning.

Eli Young Band. Eminem. Dashboard.

and they all had something unique to say. And I began to think.

as the pines of Georgia began to fade and the palms of coastal Florida began to appear

as we left those “good ol’ boys” who make peanut butter for starving children and headed to the beach

as questions of food and justice faded and questions of what homework needs to be done before Monday began . . .

I realized that I’m a “one day a week” person. Or maybe a “one week a year” person.

One day this week I’ll care.

One week this year I’ll care.

The other days? The other weeks? They’re mine.

Jesus can reign in me in Georgia, but not Florida.

I’ll care about the impoverished in South Dallas or the starving babies in Rwanda just after I take this test, go to Life Group, or slide out of chapel.

* * *

Lower your weapons.

Un-bar your gates.

Throw down the draw-bridge.

Tell your soldiers to stand down.

The enemy is within, not without.


The King is here, and already he stands at your door.

He is Lord of Heaven and Earth indeed.

Your name has been called. Are you coming?