On June third, when last I blogged, I said I would be taking a three month break from blogging. I explained that the purpose of this break was to get myself right with God before I tried to produce content, learn to keep secrets and to not try to turn everything into an edgy or artsy blog post, and to be present and focused at ACU’s Leadership Camps, for whom I was working as a Head Counselor for Learning to Lead and KidQuest.

All of those reasons have held true. In not worrying about blogging, I was able to treasure daily graces without trying to write a cool post. I was able to spend time being filled up by God. I was able to focus on the daily life of running a camp. And while I said I wouldn’t blog again until September when school starts back up, it turns out that I have exactly a month between now (Camps ended last Friday) and when my grad school orientation begins (something I didn’t really think about in June when I said I would be taking a break from blogging). A month where I am not doing much of anything. Oh, I plan to move into my house in Abilene, visit family, and look for a job. But, I do have a lot of spare time. So, I think I am back to blogging. I need the rhythm and stimulation that writing gives me. And I have a lot of thoughts swirling around my head these days.

Over the next couple weeks I will post several posts I’ve been thinking about in the back of my head. I am pretty pumped.

I’m glad to be back.