Micha Boyett’s idea of posting a blog every Tuesday emphasizing something for which one is thankful has been growing on me lately. So, today is the day I will begin that weekly rhythm.

Something I’ve learned over the last five years of living here is that early Fall in Abilene always comes with storms. I look forward to this transition every year because we go from a scorching summer in which temperatures are consistently above 100 degrees to a mild Fall with temperatures sitting in the seventies.

There is an ideological clash between Summer and Fall, between the intensity of a withering heat and the sudden breath of a cool snap, and the result is mornings like this morning. Mornings where I wake at 4:15 in order to make it to work by 5, carrying my oatmeal and coffee with me. Mornings where I slide open the window, turn off the lights, sit at the desk in this sophomore dorm praying, reading, waiting for the dawn, listening to the rain.

And the rain has always meant to me. Because the rain is cool and wet and and the basis for life and for new life.

And when I leave here to head to class I won’t even use an umbrella because this rain, like this rain every year, is a resurrection rain. And I find new life every year in the Fall: New classes. New people. New sweaters. New scarves. New coffee.

Thank you, God, for the rain.