I’m pretty burned out this week, so I’ve decided to share a poem I first wrote a few years ago. It has seen several iterations over the years, but the form it appears in here is the form in which it was published this year in ACU’s literary magazine, The Shinnery review. The other poems I got published in The Shinnery are “Rand and Roark” and “Together we Walk.”


Birds of Prey (Don’t Discuss Ethical Dilemmas)
by Greg Jeffers

Somewhere there is an expanse
filled with tiny bristling hairs
reflecting sunshine with their
choloroplastic sheen.

In the distance, above the heights
of deeply rooted trees, aviating
bodies lazily swirl on the thermals
waiting for green stalks bent
by scurrying legs and twitching noses.

The furry bodies freeze and listen:
hearing the careening cries
as they are ripped apart by furious
talons and starving beaks.