new year imagesHappy New Year!

This past year has been a full one for me:

I graduated from college.
I survived my first semester of graduate school.
I got engaged to Amanda.
I was Drew’s best man (he is the first of my group of friends to get married, though a bunch of us aren’t that far behind).

On the blog, I found a writing rhythm, though it mostly fell apart in December. More on that in a second.

Here are some facts:

My most viewed post was “(Day 2) Justice and Food: Spring Break with the Honors College.”

Some people found the blog through search engines, the most common phrase being “speaking poetically.” Probably because of this post.

The primary readers were from the United States, though several readers also hail from Canada and the UK while 65 countries overall are represented.

My favorite post of the year was “Why I Will Not be the Head of my Household.”

I wrote, “Yes, I pursue Amanda well. But she pursues me just as fiercely and just as well. And yes, I bought Amanda a nice ring, but she picked it out. And she is buying me a ring, too. And I proposed marriage to Amanda, but it was a decision we had previously made together as a team. And I am her spiritual covering, sure. But she is also mine: encouraging, admonishing, and leading me towards Jesus just as I do for her. And we will have total equality in our marriage. Because that reflects the Gospel of Jesus: that all barriers are broken down, all hierarchy based on arbitrary characteristics is thrown out, all cultural oppression is done away with, and there is freedom in Christ. May his Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.”

* * *

Taking my cue from Elizabeth Esther, I have decided that I will blog every day of 2013. I won’t write original pieces everyday, but I will post something.

Here is my flexible posting schedule for 2013:

Sunday: Weekend Compilations

As I have been doing for a couple of months, I will post every Sunday links to my favorite blog posts from the previous week.

Monday: Video of the week

I watch a lot of stuff on YouTube. I will share, every Monday, a video I found valuable for one reason or another.

Tuesday: Thankful Tuesday

As I have been doing for a few months, I will post every Tuesday about what I am thankful for. This idea is taken from Micha Boyett.

Wednesday: Quote of the week

I read. A lot. I will use Wednesday’s post to share, every week, a quote that I found valuable for one reason or another.

Thursday: From the Classroom

I am in graduate school, and I spend a lot of my time writing and reading for my classes. Here I may post my own academic work for my classes, the work of another, or original work for the blog that is more academic than most of my posts. I am contemplating a blogging series called “A Rhetorical God” in which I explore the intersection of rhetoric and theology.

Friday: Poetry Friday

I both read and write a lot of poetry. Every Friday, I will share either an original poem or a poem from someone else.

Saturday: Meditation

I will post, every Saturday, and original meditation about scripture, a hymn, or a prayer.

* * *

A prayer for the new year:

Remember us, O God;
from age to age be our comforter.
You have given us the wonder of time,
blessings in days and nights, seasons and years.

Bless your children at the turning of the year
and fill the months ahead with the bright hope
that is ours in the coming of Christ.
You are our God, living and reigning, for ever and ever. (found here)