First, a programming note:

I have been extremely busy lately.

My parents and grandparents were in town this previous weekend to watch my sister perform in Sing Song, which means I didn’t get much school work done.

I have several assignments due this week and next, none of which are light.

I am presenting at a conference this coming weekend and am still not sure I like the paper I’ve written for it.

So, if I end up not posting to the blog some days, especially this week, the reason is because I’m swamped with real life. But, I will do my best to meet my self-imposed deadlines and expectations regarding the blog.

* * *

Amanda and I have been members of Highland Church of Christ since August, but we have been attending since last May.

And maybe one day I will give an account of our journey from our previous church to Highland, but not today.

Highland has been good for us. Really good.

We’ve been slow about it, mostly just attending the Sunday morning service, but we have been fed and challenged and encouraged.

And loved. So loved.

Like the Sunday in August after one of the roughest weekends we had experienced when people we didn’t even know asked to pray for us.

And talk with us.

And invite us over for dinner, in the midst of their crazy lives.

Like for Thanksgiving when Amanda had to work and had nowhere to go for dinner. She was invited to join another family we had met.

They changed their schedule to accommodate her working hours.

They treated her like family—heart and soul.

And there are other ways that Highland has been good for us, too.

Women and girls speak from the pulpit and pass communion trays and pray aloud and give blessings.

And nothing was more refreshing to my soul than the sound of a woman’s voice proclaiming before the Lord’s Supper, last Sunday, that God has chosen all of us, whether you know it or not.

Or when, on Ash Wednesday (Richard Beck was right, the service was much better this year), a woman old enough to be my grandmother anointed my head with ashes in the form of the cross, speaking these words “Brother, from dust you came, and to dust you will return. Repent and believe the Gospel.”

Also, of course, the Restoration Movement.

* * *

And so, today, I am thankful for Highland Church of Christ.

P. S. Today’s post is part of the Thankful Tuesday series here on the blog, originally inspired by Micha Boyett.