Welcome to Thankful Tuesday!

I am incredibly thankful for this past weekend. I spent Friday doing absolutely nothing with my favorite person in the world! I spent Saturday afternoon cooking dinner and I spent Saturday night with Drew. We smoked fine cigars and drank fine wine. It was wonderful.

finished frame

Finished Frame

Morgan and me building the frame

On Sunday, we started our community garden! Morgan, Amanda, and I bought the stuff for the first frame after church and then we assembled it that afternoon (unfortunately, Drew is out of town, but he wishes he could have been with us!).

I am thankful for the fun part of wedding planning! We have booked our flights to Seattle, the hotel in Seattle where we will stay the first night, and the cabin in the Cascade Mountains (Ashford, WA) where we will stay all week. Seriously, y’all, I am getting married in 74 days!

I am thankful for the slower pace of this week. Technically it’s Spring Break—so no classes—but I am working still and reading/writing for my courses. But this does mean that my evenings are mostly free and there isn’t a rush to get stuff done. I am can take my time.

What are you thankful for?

P. S. This is part of the Thankful Tuesday series here on the blog, originally inspired by Micha Boyett.