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Here me Love, when I say:

I’m here today in every way that you need me.

Do you need me like trees need the wind to dance and spin, to swirl and send, Fall’s colors—that pigmatic skin—to the ground?

Do you need me like fish need the sea—or any water really—though the sea is big and free and a fish can flee his enemies or hide with his friends and family—his school, you know?

Do you need me like a panda needs bamboo and the time to sit and chew his food and to eschew any who want to prove that bamboo makes good floors?

Do you need me like roses need red—that infamous color to spread across a lover’s bed—thorns replaced by love instead?

Do you need me like a dog needs a tail to wag and flail while he runs down the trail of sheer joy to wail his greeting at his boy who failed to properly scratch those ears, but the dog doesn’t care?

Do you need me like these?

Do you need me like

ice needs to freeze
or carrots need peas
or wine needs cheese?

What about the way

diamonds need rings
fingers need bling
birds need to sing
or dragons need wings?

No wait—that’s me. I need you like

Trees need the wind
and fish need the sea

I need you like

Pandas need bamboo
roses need red
and dogs need tails

Without you I’m a tree with no wind; leaves clogging my limbs filling my branches with unwanted stems.

Without you I’m a fish with no sea; on dry land demanding to know why the hell there is all this sand sticking to my gills.

Without you I’m a panda with no bamboo—starving and hungry with no more food longing for anything to chew.

Without you I’m a rose with no red—sad and alone, the color of led, no love, but thorns instead.

Without you I’m a dog with no tail—no joy, no hope, just a long whiny wail, alone at the window, watching the clouds sail.

I need you like
ice needs to freeze
and carrots need peas
and wine needs cheese

diamonds need rings
fingers need bling
birds need to sing
dragons need wings

So here me love, when I say, you are here today, in every way, that I need you.