Welcome to Thankful Tuesday!

Today I am thankful for:

  • My marriage! Seriously, being married has been wonderful. I know that we’re still at the VERY beginning, but I’m a much happier person because of Amanda.
  • Our new puppies! I wrote about our new dogs here, but I want to take this 1044007_467644079995449_747361393_nmoment to say that having little, cute, furry creatures who rely on you for their needs and who love you without condition has warmed my heart considerably.
  • Neighbor-friends! We live next door to Drew and Morgan now, and that has been wonderful. We see them a lot more and get to do the everyday with them. Drew and I are workout buddies and we frequently have each other over for meals. Plus, our collaborative garden is finally yielding its crops!
  • Life-long friends! We got to see Jacob and Annie (they got married two weeks after we did) and Justin and Hannah (who get married three weeks from now!) this past Sunday. Thai food in the Bishop Arts District is just what we needed.
  • Books! I have been more or less successful at keeping up with my book stack. I’ve 1003967_209388472545617_1195686083_nbeen reading a lot lately about composition pedagogy; I am really excited to start teaching this fall.
  • The easy rhythm of summer! Seriously, not having papers, homework, meetings, lesson planning has been great. I’ve really been able to establish a daily rhythm that I hope will be strong enough to withstand the craziness of school, but flexible enough to adjust to the circumstances.

What are you thankful for?