I’ve always needed to shut up. All my life. I’m a know-it-all. A corrector.

And that is a good trait much of the time. But it has frequently gotten me into trouble (John Mayer can relate).

I’ve, in the past, tried making myself shut-up. Sometimes I retreat within myself. Sometimes I make rules. But, in the end, such practices are rooted in cessation of action and, thus, fail to achieve their end.

These days I’m living more holistically. I’ve changed. And, God as my witness, I’ve run out of things to say.

I’ve stopped posting every article I read to Facebook. My Tumblr is silent. I deleted my Twitter months ago and haven’t even missed it.

And shutting-up is related to what I spend my time doing as well. Reading blogs has become more of a hobby and less of an obsession. I only sporadically read The New York Times. 

And my own blog has quieted down.

I’ve become focused on living. On paying attention to my wife. And my neighbors. And my classmates. And my coworkers. And my LifeGroup.

And, no, I’m not about to delete this space. I’m sure I’ll continue saying things in the future. But I just wanted to recognize one of the effects of this shift in me.