Greetings all!

As you know, Amanda and I moved to Dallas a couple of weeks ago. Amanda just finished up orientation for her new job as a progressive care nurse at THR. So far, this summer, I am free to read, write, and do research, though I am trying to find some part time work to a) provide a little more income and b) give me somewhere to go! I have an interview with Central Market today, so we’ll see.

Once again, given the relative freedom of summer (now that all the graduating/traveling/moving is done), I am able to indulge in a more controlled rhythm. This summer I am reading through a stack of books, working through German Rosetta Stone, and revising my thesis to (hopefully) publication standards. I have also decided to return to a regular blogging rhythm for the duration of the summer.

Similar to previous patterns, I intend to post the following:

Sunday: Sunday Prayers

Monday: Quote of the Week

Tuesday: Thankful Tuesday

Wednesday: Liturgical Meditation (During Lent 2013, I wrote a Lenten meditation each week. I am going to revive that practice following the liturgical calendar. So, right now, that would mean reflecting on Ordinary Time.)

Thursday: From the Classroom (This will be broader than before, focusing less on my academic work and focusing more on writing about important ideas.)

Friday: Original Poetry

Saturday: Meditation

Thanks to all who read and all who comment!