After “Against Whatever it is That’s Encroaching
by Charles Simic

Best of all is to be still–20140620_114520
except (of course) the coffee
pot and (naturally) the dishwasher–
when studying the light:
the way it trashes subtlety
and dances energetically
through a north-facing window.

It’s tricky to have a dog around just then,
and two is even trickier.
They will bark at the birds and sounds
and force your hand with the leash.
But you should let them spring out the front door,
just as this fresh dawn deserves.

And you will find that you,
who have walked into a courtyard waking up,
now watch wide-eyed
as the squirrels scramble up the bark
and your giddy-headed furballs,
with their tiny teeth bared,
try to climb the tree.