Happy Independence Day!

uc06330My good friend Eric is in town, so that means we are going to watch The Patriot and (probably) Saving Private Ryan today. Also, fireworks!

As I wrote at the end of this last election cycle, I am truly thankful to live in the oldest democracy in the world.

The United States of America, however problematically begun, has been a successful experiment in freedom. Like every actor, it holds to an ideal (liberty and justice for all) that it frequently fails to meet (imperial tendencies abroad, systemic injustices and abridgement of freedom at home).

I love my nation. And, like all love for another, I want the best for my nation. I think my love requires that I push, challenge, and cajole the nation toward the ideals toward which it strives. Uncritical allegiance is not love; it is blindness.

I leave you with two songs by Derek Webb that sum up my feelings today: