I wrote this poem 2 years ago. Back then, just a few months before we got married, we had no idea that Ellie would be in our near future. Nevertheless, this was written to her.

G. C. Jeffers

not even married that Easter
morning as some daddy’s
daughter grinned through
the alleluias and laughed
through the creed.
but we knew.

those eyes bright and blue
first dragged our hearts into the open—
that pulsating organ raw
and bleeding and full of life—
giving your mother and I our first
shared case of baby fever.

you’ll be cuter than any puppy.
and your grin and your eyes
and your sudden squeals will
dissolve the calcified barrier
around our selfish hearts.
thank you:

for the promise and the flickering
flame of hope and the lessons
in love and unconditional
joy at the broken world
of stagnating dreams. Against
the darkness, Love has spoken.

alleluia, he is risen.

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