10401576_10152781902332075_5968611125008024607_nDear Amanda,

I’ve spent the last 37 weeks watching you grow as Catherine grows within you. I’ve watched as your body has changed, as your mother-hips have taken on this second child. I’ve watched as you’ve turned inward, as you’ve felt Catherine moving and kicking–the quickening, the ancients called it.

I’ve watched as you’ve gracefully balanced being a mama to both Ellie and Caty while working full time and loving me better than any wife has ever loved her husband.

And as I’ve watched, I’ve fallen in love with you again. You and I were first, of course; we were here before the munchkins entered our lives, but I don’t just love that cautious, musical, beautiful nursing student any more. I love you, my wife and the mother of my daughters.

Look up, my Love, and see the grace that surrounds and buoys us. Listen to our daughters giggle as the dawn breaks upon us. Smell the resurrection rain and glory in our greening world!


Your adoring husband