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Welcome to my blog.

de955bcc-1e26-41a6-b302-ac4586bd29e2My name is Greg Jeffers. I am married to Amanda. We have three young daughters, Elizabeth Anne, Catherine Jane and Charlotte Denise.

I teach Middle School Humanities (Literature, History, and Theology) at a Classical, Christian school.

I am a skeptic by nature, a critic by training, and a know-it-all by all accounts, though I pattern my life on the rhythms of grace.

I am enchanted by story. I believe in dragons and magic and Fäerie. And the resurrection of the dead.

My first and most natural language is the language of Christian faith, though it is by no means my only language.

I write in this space as an act of faith and as a sacrament, acting in faith that I have something worth saying to others. I write here as the celebrant offers the bread and wine—here the common becomes the divine.

For words are a token against the vastness and the darkness. Against the nothingness and the chaos.

Join me as I walk and talk and create.

For we all are storytellers.

And poets.

And God’s world means all around us.

* * *

After graduating with my MA in English from Abilene Christian University in May 2014, I spent a year working on my PhD in English at UT Arlington, but decided that the PhD (at least right now) wasn’t for me. I also hold a BA in English with a minor in Biblical Theology from ACU.

* * *

A disclaimer: I’ve been regularly blogging since 2008, the year I started college (though I have deleted all of my posts prior to 2010 for quality control reasons). If you know anything about what college (and, in my case, graduate school as well) does to a person, then you know that wrestling through new ideas is part and parcel to the process. As you go reading through my blog, you will likely encounter ideas in earlier posts that I no longer hold. Just as you wouldn’t want to be held accountable for everything you once believed or said, please give me the same benefit of the doubt. My blog, as a repository of my writing, has been instrumental in my journey to the present because, by writing out loud, I have had more honest conversations with people than I otherwise could have had. I have long resisted censoring my earlier posts to correspond to what I now think. Rather, I have largely left them alone as a monument to who I was and how I have changed, and as a gesture toward authenticity.

In the early days of my writing, my theological backdrop was an inherited (and rather shallow) theological conservatism. As I closed in on my B.A. and went through my M.A., I began to embrace a more theologically (and politically) progressive ideology. However, starting in Lent 2013, I began returning to a kind of (better thought out) conservatism (what I sometimes call traditionalism). If you search, you will find posts on the 2012 election where I endorse the Green Party. I probably, for instance, wouldn’t do that today. Or you may find posts from 2012 where I evince serious doubts about God or endorse same-sex marriage. Today, I have a robust and vibrant faith and affirm all aspects of the traditional Christian take on sexuality.

If you have come across this blog because you are a student of mine (I know that you people incessantly google your teachers) or a parent of a student, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

If you are looking for a freelance writer or editor, I am happy to serve in that capacity. Please shoot me an email at gregory.c.jeffers@gmail.com for details.

(updated April 4, 2019)

* * *

If you are new to the blog, welcome! Below are some posts that may help acclimate you to my way of thinking:

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