blogging-employees1With every good intention, I resumed almost daily blogging about six weeks ago. However, about three weeks ago, I stopped being able to keep up because of the demands of family life, work, and, quite honestly, not having all that much to say.

I’ve been here before, of course, but I guess I never seem to learn my lesson. I don’t think I’ll ever resume my heyday of blogging (late 2012 through early 2013) when I blogged nearly every day. A lot of that is because I’m much busier than I was (being a husband, father, and full time employee will do that). But a lot, I think, has to do with the fact that I’m not wrestling through new ideas the way I was back then. In fact, for quite awhile now, my major impulse has been to constantly read. I just want to absorb history and ideas and good literature. And I’m glad that, since I’m not a student anymore, I get to read whatever I want and I don’t have to write, say, or (thank God!) conduct research about it.

Anyhow, I’m not going to stop blogging. It’s good for me. It helps me order my thoughts and I know it blesses at least a few people. And I am going to have a blogging rhythm. I feel like I need that structure, but I don’t want a rhythm that demands more than I can give. So, here is my plan: I will post weekly quotes from whatever book I’m reading on Fridays, I will post a thought about what I am teaching my students every other Thursday, and I will post a lengthier article every month. I plan to actually work on my monthly posts over the course of the month so that I can revise and rethink what I’ve written. I want to emphasize quality. I will also, as the mood strikes, post prayers, poems, quotes, etc.

This new rhythm will officially begin on November 1.